23 feb. 2008

PLAN B: borderline poetry

FRUGAL books presents: PLAN B, a binational limited-edition poetry journal. one copy for each participant and 25 copies for sale to the public. works by the same group of writers each month for one year: see below for list of participating writers.
12 issues: $120, 6 issues: $90, 3 issues: $50, individual issues: $20
prices include delivery within mexico and the u.s
if you are interested, please contact: dolores dorantes: doloresdorantes@yahoo.com.ms or jen hofer: jenhofer@gmail.com

lyn hejinian; román luján; brian whitener; harold abramowitz; karen plata; inti garcía; hugo garcía manríquez; alejandro tarrab; jesse seldess; jorge solís; patrick durgin; bhanu kapil; jen hofer; jocelyn saidenberg; myriam moscona; guy benett; epigmenio león; arturo ramírez-lara, juliana spahr; jorge esquinca; alan mills; rodrigo flores; sawako nakayasu; dolores dorantes; luis felipe fabre; paul vangelisti; josé pérez espino; mónica nepote; laura moriarty; brent cunningham; jane sprague; stephanie young